This document is intended to demonstrate Jopuka Production’s (Jopuka’s) commitment to the protection of children and maintaining a child-safe environment. Young people are the core of our business and we are proud to have given them the opportunity to participate in so many productions and workshops over our young history, and their safety is our highest priority


This policy relates to all Jopuka staff and volunteers; including workshop tutors, assistant tutors, technical crew and creatives.


This policy complies with Jopuka’s obligations under the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act1998 No 157 (the Children and Young Persons Act) and the Child Protection (Working With Children) Act 2012 No. 51 (the Child Protection Act) and subsequent Regulations.

The NSW Working with Children Check

As per Part 2, Division 2, Section 9 of the Child Protection Act all staff in child-related roles are required to hold a current NSW Working with Children (WWC) check or an application number for an appropriate clearance.

Child Related Work

The following roles filled by anyone over 18 within Jopuka are child-related roles and require a WWC Check under the Child Protection Act:

  • Workshop tutors, assistant tutors and mentors of performers under 18 years of age,
  • Performers over 18 years of age involved in Jopuka productions which include children in the cast,
  • All creative, production and technical crew contracted to work on Jopuka productions or workshops
  • Backstage helpers
  • Board of Directors

The following roles are not child related roles or fall under an exemption and do not require a WWC Check:

  • Casual Front of House staff
  • Cleaning and other maintenance contractors
  • Advisory group members

Young People’s Participation in Jopuka activities

As a producer of theatre by and for young people Jopuka regularly engages young people in diverse roles including, but not limited to, performers, production team members, directors, mentors and spokespeople. Where a young person is engaged by Jopuka in any of the above roles, permission is given by appropriate parents/guardians in the form of a signup application and or media release.

Recording, marketing and social media

Jopuka is committed to protecting the privacy of children involved in our activities. Jopuka does not record, share or publish images, video or any other media depicting children engaged in Jopuka activities on any platform without consent from appropriate parents/guardians either in the form of a media release form or a project contract. This ensures that images are not recorded of children who may be involved in child protection, family court or criminal proceedings.

Where Jopuka does share or publish media depicting children involved in Jopuka activities it is solely for the promotion of Jopuka, its productions, its workshops or related activities.
If images or media are shared with any 3rd Party at any time notice of intention and description of use will be discussed with guardians beforehand.


Jopuka will not tolerate incidents of child abuse, should a Jopuka staff member, or adult in charge become aware of any form of child abuse – or has reason to believe a child has been or is being abused or neglected – they must report it to a nominated contact person (see below) to refer to the NSW Department of Family and Community Services Child Protection Helpline (132 111) as soon as is practicable.

Nominated contact people

Artistic Director  : Joshua Maxwell

Deputy Artistic Director:  Danielle Brame Whiting

Secretary: Kelly Maxwell

These key contact people are responsible for making any relevant reports to the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian. They will be informed should a staff member or volunteer be barred from employment or working with young children.

Barred Workers

If Jopuka becomes aware that a staff member or volunteer in a child-related role has received a bar or interim bar from working with children they will be immediately relieved of all child-related duties and may not engage in child-related work for the duration of their bar.

Communication and support for staff

This policy is freely available to all Jopuka staff and is also available for public viewing at
Jopuka is committed to ensuring all staff in child-related roles receive regular training in maintaining a child-safe workplace.
Jopuka will update this and other child-related policies in line with revisions the the Act and ensure staff are kept informed of any such revisions.

Key dates relating to this policy

Approval date: 1st June 2020   Review date: 1st June 2021