Jopuka's Ground Control

Jopuka’s Ground Control Program is a new community youth project focused on providing mental health support and resources for young people in the arts. As a leading youth-arts organisation on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Jopuka recognizes the importance of supporting the whole person, not just their creative endeavours.

The Ground Control Program will provide workshops and resources focused on managing stress and anxiety, building resilience, and promoting self-care.. These workshops will be held at Jopuka’s community hub, The Launch Pad, and open to all young artists in the area, not just those involved in Jopuka’s programs.

In addition to workshops, the Ground Control Program will also create a mental health resource centre at The Launch Pad. This resource centre will provide access to information and resources related to mental health and well-being, including pamphlets, books, and online resources. As well as a community pantry and wardrobe for any young people who needs access to it.

Jopuka’s Ground Control Program will serve as a valuable resource for regional emerging artists on the Central Coast, helping them to navigate the challenges of the industry while prioritising their mental health and well-being. By expanding its focus beyond just the arts and promoting mental health and self-care, Jopuka will continue to be a driving force in the youth-arts community and make a positive impact on the wider community as well.

Would you like to help?

If you would like to help Jopuka fund this or any of our projects please visit our donations page. Jopuka is a registered charity with DGR status.